All profits to the Remain campaign this week

This week, I will give all profits from the sale of my books, t-shirts, mugs, etc., to People's Vote OR whichever group is being most effective at keeping Britain in the EU at the time of donation.

From January, Sunday 20 through Saturday 26 you can get your ribs tickled or clothed while helping to keep your bum in Europe.

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Psipook says, "Bollocks to Brexit!"

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Sanctioned - the novel

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Sanctioned, a nobel by Chris Page

Britain is sinking under the weight of scroungers, skivers, shirkers, refugees, migrants, libtards, experts, and snowflakes. The economy is hobbled and the very fabric of society is in need of a good scrubbing. Gideon Smith, an agent of the Department of Aspiration, has been tasked with doing something about it — and in no uncertain terms.

Available in paperback from your regional Amazon and in Kindle.

Sanctioned - the novel by Chris Page

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The first shipment of the paperback version of Santioned has arrived at Psipook.

The book is available through Amazon, Kindle or Psipook. Contact us if you want your copy from Psipook himself, possibly even signed if you wish — here ...

Theresa May in disarray

Brexit - Fool Britannia


Psipook - just buy my books you bastards


read this | Chris Page
Chris page was interviewed by his very own sock puppet and managed to get through the whole conversation without once mentioning darning.

You can't keep a good pair of undies down! | Chris Page


a short story by Chris Page

Read or don't It ain't just for smoking you know ...

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Read the first three chapters of Sanctioned by Chris Page
Sanctioned is the most recent novel by Chris Page. You can read the first three chapters here.

Chris Page fiction
Find out more about Chris Page's fiction here.

Weed, the novel, by Chris Page
Weed: Chris Page's first novel

Weed paperback Europe

Weed paperback North America

Weed Kindle

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King of the Undies World

sex and drugs and rock and roll on the dole

The Underpants Tree

Un-Tall Tales

Un-Tall Tales: collected short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and references to sausages by Chris Page

Un-Tall Tales paperback Europe

Un-Tall Tales paperback North America

Un-Tall Tales paperback on Amazon Japan

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