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October 27, 2020

Psipook is dormant but not dead.

Psipook is dormant but not dead. One day you'll check back here to find that the site has erupted in glorious flame and set fire to the internet.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with Chris Page on Chris_Page.com and The Cannibal's Gazette.

Should the European flag be illegal? We ask our expert

So, Brexiteers are arguing it should be illegal to fly the European flag from now on, punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

I wonder how remainers/rejoiners should respond to that.

That illegal European flag

Look the bollocks, be the bollocks

"It is very important in these times of social, political, and environmental collapse to wear clothes emblazoned with a small red tag on the chest.

Look the bollocks, be the bollocks

The red tag and the white lettering it contains should be appropriated from an anti-consumerist artist of renown, who in turn appropriated her look, for the purposes of satire, from the mainstream press and marketing.

What is clearly needed now is another t-shirt designer who has appropriated the red tag from the fashionistas own twice-appropriated red tag, who will sell it back to the punters.

This all sounds like a lot of bollocks.

Which it is.

Hence the design.

And the others in the series.

Wear and appropriate the bollocks from Fictional Shirts."

So the marketing blurb goes.

It seems that everyone needs to be wearing some kind of red and white tag on their shirts these days. Osaka is flecked liberally with red, as if splattered with the gore of some kind of mad marketers chainsaw convention.

Meanwhile, in London there seems to be a perma-gueue outside the branch of a particular brand just around the corner from Gosh! Comics.

Bollocks shirts

Thoughts came together in a rush: I need money, this fetishistic branding is bollocks, I like playing with graphics, I like t-shirts, and if I can diversify a little, perhaps I can drive more people towards buying my books, and most of all, I want a t-shirt with a red bollocks flash on it.

Which led me to set up this little business thing.

It's not all tees, though. There are mugs (appropriately), phone and tablet covers, and bags and other bits and bobs, all emblazoned with bollocks.

And it's not all bollocks, either. I also have shirts and bric-a-brac printed with 'innit' and 'fetish'. And there will be lots more as we go along.

Now that you know you want a bollocks shirt or mug, you can get yourself one at my online store, appropriately and pithily named Fictional Shirts.

Feb 3, 2019

Sanctioned, a nobel by Chris Page

Get yourself Sanctioned!

Britain is sinking under the weight of scroungers, skivers, shirkers, refugees, migrants, libtards, experts, and snowflakes. The economy is hobbled and the very fabric of society is in need of a good scrubbing. Gideon Smith, an agent of the Department of Aspiration, has been tasked with doing something about it — and in no uncertain terms.

Available in paperback from your regional Amazon and in Kindle.

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