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All the Way Up
Jerry Gordon


All things were together. Then mind came and arranged them.

In the beginning, that Word--
just there with, as and of God;

but what about before
that beginning of sound and silence,
before God thought to think?
What was there in that nowhere?
What wasn't?
Now here, is any of it
Mr. Heidegger said, "We don't have ears
to hear sound. There is sound because
we have ears."
I once dreamed me and my lover
were standing atop a heap of Time's totality--
All things piled all the way up,
culminating into us swaying in an Osaka subway car.
I leaned out,
close enough
to her eye to see my eye.
I can't recall who kissed who to participate
in the perfection like that.
My ignorance is a part
of my knowledge, and vice-versa.


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