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Chris Page

He had himself chained, bound, strait jacketed, locked in a trunk which was similarly chained, welded shut and dropped from a helicopter through a hole in the arctic ice cap. On international tv.

He vanished all right. No one saw him again alive or dead.

Boxing Clever

As he was chained and placed in the trunk he knew he had no escape plan.

However, he had said he would do it and everyone was so excited about it, how could he back out now? Besides, everyone was watching which was nice and flattering. It showed they cared.

He was sure he would figure out the trick to escaping when he was in the box. The understanding would come to him when it was needed.

After all, lots of other people had done it.

Houdini made a living out of it.

Right now, he would just let things progress.

My Loyal Body

The water streams in into the box through a flaw in the welding at one end. I expect an air pocket will form at one end of the trunk when the pressure of the water and the air equalise. Unfortunately I am upside down as the box plummets into the deeps of the Arctic Ocean and the air pocket will benefit only my feet.

My body is kicking and writhing and struggling to keep me alive. My body is loyally going down with a fight – this body that has stayed with me since I was born, this body that has grown up with me and kept me going without me having to really think about it and when other bodies weren’t much interested in me; this body of a little boy in the form of a man.

My loyal body.

The least I can do is think of some way out of these shackles I have placed on my body, and then think of some way out of this box. But at the moment I really don’t have a clue, and the frantic efforts of my body, quite independent of my will are quite fascinating. I am content to simply observe.

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