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Bruce Almighty
Comedy/US/English (Japanese subtitles)/101mins
Cast: Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman
Director: Tom Shadyac
Universal Pictures

Jim Carrey — self-declared Jerry Lewis on acid — gets together again with director Tom Shadyac to recreate the Liar Liar team — so if you saw Liar Liar, you should be cued to the goofy tone of this film. Carrey is Bruce Nolan a TV reporter who thinks he should be running the show. He misses promotion and goes ballistic, cursing God himself for mismanaging the universe of Nolan. God, played perfectly by the ice-cool Morgan Freeman, calls Nolan's tune and turns the universe over to him for a while. Perhaps being the main man isn't all that Nolan thinks it will be.

Daddy Day Care
Comedy/US/English (japanese subtitles)/93mins
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Anjelica HustonJeff Garlin, Anjelica Huston
Director: Steve Carr
Sony Pictures

Self-absorbed careerist daddies Charlie (Eddie Murphy) and Phil (Jeff Garlin) mess up their bright careers in advertising and suddenly find themselves unable to pay for their kids to attend their up-market day care centres so they decide to set up their own school. How difficult can it be to look after hordes of screaming brats? Their anarchic school takes off big time, and piques the owner of conservative rival school ma'am Miss Gwyneth Harridan (Anjelica Huston) who sets out to put them out of business.

Phone Booth
Suspense/US/English (Japanese subtitles)/81mins
Cast: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker
Director: Joel Schumacher
Fox Pictures

This has to be the suspense movie of the year: twenty years in gestation, ten days in shooting on one location — with a novel plot and immaculate execution. New York wide boy Stu (Colin Farrell) finds himself in Manhatten's last pay phone in the sights of a sniper who seems to know all about him. Put down the phone and he gets shot. Keep the phone to his ear as his life is stripped bare and he may get shot anyway. The police think Stu is a cop killer and are ready to shoot him too. Tense and inventive.

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