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Spleen August 2003 archive


More Saddam Bollocks

I have been inundated today by declarations of rapture (or declarations of rupture) at the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Pookian rapture is dimmed by the knowledge that many other guilty parties in the whole sorry saga of his rise and fall will not be brought to justice.

First there's Bush senior, Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl who helped bring him to power, provided him with all his dreaded WMD to fight Iran and then turned a blind eye when he used the same WMD on the Kurds.

Then there's John Major and Bill Clinton who maintained sanctions against the country that killed 500,000 (yes, half a million!) people, half of them children. That's far more people than Saddam ever managed to kill even with the WMD we gave him.

Then there's Blair and Bush who initiated a war that was conceived as far back as 1997 and had nothing to do with freedom for the Iraqis or WMD. These were mere pretexts. The war was fought to bring the Iraqi economy and its natural resources back online after its ill-considered quarantine in 1991, and to reconfigure the mid-east to the US's convenience. The US and UK used their own WMD on both civilian and military targets in their assault on Iraq and their heroic soldiers fired indiscriminately on civilians.

Yes, between Saddam Hussein and the Western leaders hundreds of thousands of people have died for simple reasons of power and money.

Saddam will go on trail for his heinous crimes. I would be happy indeed if he was joined in the dock by his accomplices and fellow evildoers at the head of the Western democracies.

I bumped into this quote today, from a letter from a German soldier present at the Warsaw uprising. 'Can history ever be just? Not here. However strong the idea of nationhood, the fact of power will always overwhelm.' The same could be said of the relationship of Saddam Hussein and the West.

December 15, 2003

Michael Moore is a rare, sane voice in the US. For his reaction to Saddam's capture and a detailed list of the WMD the US supplied him, click here.

Saddam Bollocks

It is good news that they have Saddam Hussein at last. However, what they don't have are the WMD he was supposed to be threatening us with, the same WMD he bought from the US and Europe, the same WMD he used against Iran and his own citizens with the knowledge and tacit approval of the US and Europe. What they don't have is any evidence to connect him to attacks outside his own borders. What they don't have is any of the other despots on this planet terrorising their own populations or threatening their neighbours, many of whom are friends of the US and UK. What they don't have is a legitimate justification for going to war in the first place.

What they do have, apart from Saddam, is the Iraqi oil and complete control of the economy, which is what they wanted all along. What they do have is a big trough for the likes of Halliburton and Bechtel to feed at. What they have is thousands of dead civilians, thousands of dead innocents, thousands of dead children. What they have is a launch pad and more fictional excuses for further excursions into other countries.

In a truly just world, the headlines today would be reading 'Saddam, Bush, and Blair all arrested for crimes against humanity.'

December 14, 2003


Purported Bush tape raises fears of new attacks...

From the Fuzzy Osaka news service.
A tape today surfaced in U.S. media outlets of someone purporting to be George W. Bush at a U.S. military base in Baghdad.

Intelligence analysts around the world are studying the videotapes. "It certainly looked and sounded like him, but we get so few glimpses at Bush in real-life situations that it is hard to tell," said one operative from a Western intelligence agency.

People who know Bush said it appeared to be him. " That's him, all right," said one longtime associate.

The tape shows the man claiming to be Bush praising U.S. attacks in Iraq. "We will stay until the job is done," he threatened.

The videotape was delivered to the Baghdad bureau of FOX News by an intermediary courier who has brought material before from the U.S. military, according to the U.S. network.

There were calls for FOX to be banned from some Arabic countries for broadcasting American militaristic propaganda.

While the quality of the tape was not poor, the alleged Bush did appear tired in portions of it, prompting speculation that he is on the run.

The man claiming to be Bush said: "We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost in casualties, defeat a brutal dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins."

Analysts pointed out that given the ongoing nature of the Iraqi resistance since "the end of major combat operations," that comment could have been recorded anytime in the past six months.

" When the man identified as Bush tells U.S. troops, 'You are defeating the terrorists here in Iraq so we don't have to face them in our own country,' well, it's a little hard to believe that even the Bush White House would try to spin that," said the operative from a Western intelligence agency.

" How could anyone believe, after all that has been disclosed about the lies and distortions used to manipulate the public into accepting this war, that U.S. troops are defending the American people in Iraq? No major world leader would be so obtuse or so low as to try to sell that to people at this stage."

Members of the Iraqi Governing Council who met with the man identified as Bush said they had met with a man identified as Bush and were delaying comment until Paul Bremer was available to tell them what their comments would be.

Omar Ali, an Iraqi in a poor area of Baghdad said: "I don't understand why he didn't stay. Just because the U.S. nearly starved us with the sanctions for 12 years, killed my cousin during the invasion, busted down my door last week and is trying to find a way to steal our oil -- does he think that Iraqis would want to hurt him, our great liberator?"

Private Charles Sanders, who has been stationed in Iraq since the invasion said: "I was supposed to be back home by now. It was really getting depressing, but this is great. Sure, I don't get to look into the eyes of my little girl, or hold my wife tenderly in my arms, but the president served me turkey!"

Susan Jones in Pittsburgh, who this morning was driven to tears while watching "Dances with Wolves" on cable TV, said: "I was planning on talking over the Thanksgiving Day table with my family about how we slaughtered the Indians and enslaved the blacks, bullied Latin America and bombed Vietnam, and now were occupying Iraq. I don't know, is it just me, or do we just have this brutal aggressive side to us? But now I guess, well, we'll just talk about Bush's visit instead."

When asked whether she was certain the president had gone to Iraq, Laura Bush said she hadn't noticed her husband had left theCrawford ranch. "I assumed he was out clearing brush," the First Lady said.

A reader writes

I'm beginning to wonder whether President Bush is real or not. Is he just some primitive form of interactive digital image? Has anyone real ever actually seen him in the past three years? I think we should be told.
Colin Doyle


A question of questionable deaths

The well-meaning folks at Human Rights Watch seem to be a little confused. In a recent report (click here to see) they tell us that among the shootings of Iraqis by US troops nearly a hundred are "questionable".

They seem to be overlooking the fact that the US and UK invasion was based on a lot of lies and was undertaken for purely strategic reasons. Therefore all the tens of thousands of deaths inflicted by the invasion and occupation are "questionable". That includes the Iraqi deaths, US deaths and UK deaths.

May I suggest that Human Rights Watch watch a bit more closely.

(Sit up straight and pay attention! You at the back there, stop fiddling with your self-righteousness!)

October 24, 2003

Tony Blair in heart scare

Tony Blair was rushed to hospital amid fears that the politician that invaded Iraq, privatised health and education and bombed Kosovo actually had a heart.

Mr. Blair was said to be temporarily suffering clear vision, warm feelings and an irregular desire to do good. The symptoms disappeared quickly.

Doctors later confirmed it was a false alarm, and that Mr. Blair does indeed have no heart. They blamed a porkie pie that had gone down the wrong way.

October 20, 2003

This just dropped into the Psipook mailbox. I pass it on to you.

Tokyo Anti-War Graffiti youth(arrested for 44 days) is coming to Kyoto.

He was arrested after spraypainting an anti-war message on a public restroom in a Tokyo park.  He was charged with 'severe damaging on the building' and
unlawfully arrested for 44 days!!!  

Because the message was antiWar',many local and international activists and artists have been supporting his efforts to defend himself in court.  His other message on the restroom was 'spectacle society', an idea developed in the 50's; in which we are living in the ultimate capitalistic society, where people can only see things in a passive form.

We are casually going to talk about today's society and how Japanese youth culture is unable to grow into it's own movement.  The talk will be in Japanese and in English.

Please join us at the Bazaar cafe on 10/18 from 3pm to 4:30pm.  Afterwards,
there will be a benefit concert to support the all volunteer-run Bazaar cafe.
For more information-contact-kei -
Sponsored by shitpop and the Philippines-Japan Forum.

The bollocks that they talk ...
In the bakery/cafe Hokuo near work in Osaka, there is a big sign up: New Drink Debut — COCOA.

Hokuo's scientists are going to be sorely disappointed when they discover they have invented something people have already been drinking for centuries.

October 10, '03


Story Suffer Yet More Little Children updated 28/9/03

I am going to say something bloody obvious but I need to say it.

There is a report in today's online Guardian/Observer that a major "terrorist" attack on British forces in southern Iraq is "inevitable".,2763,1051230,00.html

When the Nazis overran France and the rest of Europe in 1940, attacks against the occupying troops were known in the free world as resistance and were considered heroic. The Nazis referred to acts of resistance as terrorism.

Now we are the occupiers we too say terrorism when we mean resistance to occupation.

The same edition of the Guardian/Observer carries a report about killings of Iraqi civilians by US occupiers . A week ago a 14-year-old boy was shot dead, a few days a go a 2-year-old child, and yesterday a man, his wife, and her mother.

Now let's discuss terrorism and resistance. Bring along a rocket scientist of your choice.

September 28 '03

World rocks on axis
Today we have a new hero: Michael Meacher, former environment minister, who in the Guardian announced clearly that Bush let the September 11 attacks happen to provide him with his pretext to launch the war against terror — which is no more than a smokescreen to further the neo-conservative project of world domination.

And this is exactly what I have been saying since that September 11. And this is what Gore Vidal has been saying. So now that's three of us saying it. Only another six billion voices and we have unanimity.

Read Meacher's article if you haven't already.,3604,1036571,00.html

And here's something about the furore that Meacher has caused,12956,1036591,00.html

Riverbend: Blogging from Baghdad

For an extraodinary insight into life and politics in occupied Iraq follow this link to the Riverbend Blog The blogger is an anonymous 24-year-old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad who goes by her nom de blog Riverbend. She is articulate, funny and scathing: a natural born writer — and she has something to say. Most importantly she blows away that intellect-stunting feature of war: the fog of partisan reporting.

Once more:

Thanks to Jerry for pointing me at this site.
September 5, 2003

Just when you think that the depths of stupidity have finally been plumbed:

Thanks to Colin Doyle for pointing this out.

A Summer Rant — Matt Kaste

When Republicans (the New Radicals) go on the offensive, thousands of innocent people die, the environment is further damaged, the poor and middle-classes get stiffed and the developing world is further exploited. But those of us who do not agree are obliged to go on the offensive and take back our country. A tiny, rich elite are screwing us right now as I sit here typing this, all under the guise of "security." Look through the thin veil of their propaganda and desperate diversionary tactics, and it becomes clear that these people do not represent the principles upon which out country was founded. Lots of well-meaning, but misinformed Americans have believed the lies because they think questioning the actions of our leaders somehow makes them unpatriotic, or sympathetic to the "enemies of America."
If we have been fighting all of these wars for "democracy," why don't we start behaving like we actually live in one? We feel passive, apathetic, confused and overwhelmed because of our over-exposure to scandal, hypocrisy and sensationalized reporting of just about everything. We have handed our hearts and minds over to distant leaders because we don't want to deal with the "crooks," and we accept the pre-packaged lies dispensed to us by the few mega-corporations that now control the media. If you think that this "democracy" we now live in is what the "second Americans" had left the repression of Europe for, you are living in a fantasy world. There is a new King George in town, and we Americans need to take back our country from him and his scary ilk.
For a little trip into the well-developed Republican brain, take a look at this link... Sadly, this site is no parody, and I'm sure "NASCAR fans for W '04" is selling like hotcakes. It may even be outselling "W Stands for Whupping Democrats in 'o4."
In contrast, please compare these Democratic stickers.
If you've bought the line that Democrats and Republicans are virtually indistinguishable, think again. Their ideals, concerns and basic worldviews are fundamentally different. Republicans are having their day in the sun, and they are doing damage right now which may never be repaired.
In conclusion, if you like the way it has felt to be an American during the Reign of King George, support your President, let Fox tell you what to think and have another Hot Pocket.
Matt Kaste

Hutton Inquiry

All of us here at Psipook Towers are a little perplexed by revelations in today's Guardian that Tory Blair was aware before the war that Iraq was no threat to anyone. The report comes after the cross examination of a Blair aide at the Hutton inquiry.

We knew that without the help of an expensive inquiry.

The CIA and British intelligence services told the world through leaked documents before the war that Iraq was no threat. It was transparently obvious that this debilitated little country was no threat. Comments from White House big-pants such as Condoleeza Rice to journalists a whole year before the war made it clear that the US was gunning for Iraq come what may, and the link between the US government and the right wing Project for a New American Century made it clear that this war was about strategic issues, not threat.

It was was even more puzzling that the populations of the UK and US chose to ignore the facts and supported the war.

Next time you need to know something, don't ask Tony, ask us.

Read the story for yourself by clicking here.

Incidentally, The Sun, which has consistently supported the government over the war and the Kelly affair seems to be ignoring the current news from the Hutton inquiry and is leading with a story about Cilla Black having her baubles nicked. The Sun does find time to mention they have found someone who dislikes the BBC as much as they do. Well done, The Sun.

August 19, 2003




Suffer yet more little children ...
The first casualties of war are the innocents

Hollywood Freaks
War doesn't come to the Oscars

Flight 77
The Pentagon was not hit by an airliner on 11/9