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Read Weed before you go up in smoke


A novel by Chris Page
Robert D. Weed is a regular sort of chap doing the best he can, but he has a problem. Is it that he is stupid, or is it that he's not and everyone else is?


Weed started as a facetious, throw-away short story but, appropriate to its name, grew and grew and grew until it became a novel.

Weed is available as both paperback and e-book through Amazon and Kindle.

There is an 8,000 word sample prepared in .pdf or you can read the sample online.

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Article on the genesis of the novel Weed

Chris Page author blog

Weed, the novel, by Chris Page
Cover design by Chris Page



Weed is currently available in paperback from and other retailers.

E-book versions available from Kindle, Smashwords and others.

For a larger list of outlets stocking Weed, click here.

Read a sample now or download the sample in pdf


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Chris Page on

Chris Page Goodreads author page

Words of praise for Weed

Weed is a brilliantly written comedic novel while at the same time a harsh criticism of modern consumerist society.

The lyrically attractive writing style spoke to me and does a good job of creating a vision of this fictitious yet very real world and company. It reminded me of Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil! from 1985. If you, like the protagonist, sometimes find yourself drowning in the rat race for conformity and mediocrity, this book is for you

I Immediately bought a second copy to give to a friend!
— BAE Pronk, writing on Amazon

"... it’s really witty and very strong ... I would compare the writing to Robert Rankin, or a really satirically biting Tom Sharpe, and will say again that I’m really impressed by it"
— a publisher in London

" .... it proceeded to the advanced stages of the [selection] process."
— sort of praise by another UK publisher

"It's not boring but I suppose you've placed it already."
As written by an agent on the top page of the returned manuscript, which incidentally came back without its nice plastic cover, and which may or may not constitute praise. (Well, no I hadn't placed it, but but I have now, thank you.)

"It is the funniest and only novel I have written."
— AN Author

“It’s so funny I weed myself. Geddit?”
— a random mother

About the author

Chris Page was born in Sweden, brought up in Gloucestershire, and lived in London and New York, before settling in Osaka, Japan, where he has lived for 20 years with his wife and children.

Apart from writing fiction, Chris works in education, as an editor and freelance writer. From 2003 to 2012 he was the editor and eventually publisher of Kansai Scene magazine (circulation 25,000). His work has appeared on the BBC World Service, CBC TV News (Canada), in The Japan Times, Time Out (London) Kyoto City Guide, The London News Review, Kansai Scene, Tokyo Scene, The Gloucester Citizen, Kansai Time Out and various non-commercial publications and web sites.

His short story The Freebie appeared in the July 2002 The London Magazine.


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