Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

All of us here at Psipook Towers are a little perplexed by revelations in today’s Guardian that Tory Blair was aware before the war that Iraq was no threat to anyone. The report comes after the cross examination of a Blair aide at the Hutton inquiry.

We knew that sanctions-impoverished Iraq was no threat without the help of an expensive inquiry.

The CIA and British intelligence services told the world through leaked documents before the war that Iraq was no threat. It was transparently obvious that this debilitated little country was no threat. Comments from White House big-pants such as Condoleeza Rice to journalists a whole year before the war made it clear that the US was gunning for Iraq come what may, and the link between the US government and the right wing Project for a New American Century made it clear that this war was about strategic issues, not threat.

It was was even more puzzling that the populations of the UK and US chose to ignore the facts and supported the war.

Next time you need to know something, don’t ask Tony, ask us.

Read the story for yourself by clicking here.

Incidentally, The Sun, which has consistently supported the government over the war and the Kelly affair seems to be ignoring the current news from the Hutton inquiry and is leading with a story about Cilla Black having her baubles nicked. The Sun does find time to mention they have found someone who dislikes the BBC as much as they do.

Well done, The Sun!

By chris page

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