Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The well-meaning folks at Human Rights Watch seem to be a little confused. In a recent report (click here to see) they tell us that among the shootings of Iraqis by US troops nearly a hundred are “questionable”.

They seem to be overlooking the fact that the US and UK invasion was based on a lot of lies and was undertaken for purely strategic reasons. Therefore all the tens of thousands of deaths inflicted by the invasion and occupation are “questionable”. That includes the Iraqi deaths, US deaths and UK deaths.

May I suggest that Human Rights Watch watch a bit more closely.

(Sit up straight and pay attention! You at the back there, stop fiddling with your self-righteousness!)

Supplemental, 2023: Given that all that died in that war (and every other) are unquestionably dead, the notion that some deaths might be questionable is itself unquestionably questionable.

By chris page

Magazine editor, writer of fiction and non-fiction; exile; cat person; red wine for blood and cheese in his soul. Chris Page is the author of the novels Weed, Sanctioned, Another Perfect Day in ****ing Paradise, King of the Undies World, and The Underpants Tree. He is also a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, and consultant in the use and abuse of false moustaches (don’t wear them — you’re welcome — the invoice is in the mail).

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