Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


Psipook is an online magazine and publisher’s site mash-up for the novels and short stories of Chris Page, humorous fiction, satire, arty-farty stuff, polemic, cats and anything we (I) see fit to include. Chris Page is not to be confused with the other Chris Pages. 

As you read this, Psipook is being reconstructed. The site began about 20 years ago and time has turned it into a dilapidated ruin covered in cyber-vines, and virtual pigeon poo. The walls are rusted and falling down and it may have been used as a toilet by a digital vagrant. 

Psipook is being rebuilt from the ground up thanks to those nice folks at WordPress and our fantastic host in the UK. I am transferring content from the old site while adding new stuff. It’s going to take more weeks than I would like, but bear with me. 

In 2024 there will be new words, new japes, new pics, new invective, and, I hope, new collaborators. 

While I have your attention, can I recommend not drinking Red Bull with or without vodka? The reason I mention that is I just had one, with vodka, in the hope that the combination of sugar, alcohol and caffeine would put me on fast forward work-wise, and it has done nothing of the sort. I just feel icky. Everything now is contaminated by a foul bubblegum flavour. The red wine and salami I am treating myself with as I write this tastes of that vile liquid imbecility. Just say no. That’s what I say.


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