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King of the Undies World — a novel

Cover of King of the Undies World — a novel by Chris Page

King of the Undies World: volume one of the Underpants of Fire trilogy

How many times can one woman be kidnapped in her summer holiday?

Spike Milligan’s Puccoon meets Tom Sharpe, meets Robert Rankin and they all get into a big bun fight.

Victoria Gousset, rich, beautiful, daft, and heir to an improbably massive fortune, has been kidnapped.

Her father, mercurial underwear magnate Sir Hades Gousset, sees a way to make capital from the kidnap of his daughter and sets his own cunning plan in motion.

Persephone Gousset, volcanic wife of Hades, discovers her husband’s ruse to exploit his daughter’s predicament and hatches her own plot to teach her scheming husband a lesson.

The farcical collision of these events propels Victoria on a misadventure that takes her across continents and beyond, while catapulting the Goussets, their friends and enemies into a series of catastrophes that eventually threaten the destruction of the planet.

And all because of some pants.

King of the Undies World is the first volume of the Underpants of Fire trilogy in which Sir Hades, Victoria and Persephone continue their adventures in underwear.

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