Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Underpants Tree — a novel

Whoever controls underwear controls the world

Sir Hades Gousset — underwear magnate, king of the undies world, the biggest man in pants — has only ever seen underwear as a force for good. That is, until the mysterious Dr Hieronymus Mangler appears with a fiendish new technology that threatens Hades’ monopoly and his grip on the world of nether-wear.

Mangler’s technology has more sinister purposes than business competition and his ambitions go beyond mere financial profit. The battle between Hades and Mangler for control of this vital undergarment becomes a titanic struggle for the soul of humanity itself, and leads to not just one, but two apocalypses, in a conflict that rocks civilisation to its foundation wear.

The Underpants Tree is the second volume of The Underpants of Fire trilogy. The first volume is King of the Undies World.

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