Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Black Sabbath Paranoid

How cool and sexy are these guys with their hats and their shields and genocidal ideology?

Were they intent on bringing down civilisation and establishing themselves as the master race and creating a new world order? Or were they auditioning for a reshoot of this famous 1970 album cover?

18 August 2017

By chris page

Magazine editor, writer of fiction and non-fiction; exile; cat person; red wine for blood and cheese in his soul. Chris Page is the author of the novels Weed, Sanctioned, Another Perfect Day in ****ing Paradise, King of the Undies World, and The Underpants Tree. He is also a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, and consultant in the use and abuse of false moustaches (don’t wear them — you’re welcome — the invoice is in the mail).

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